"Shalom Sivan, My name Is Nechama Spielman from Kibbutz Tirat Tzvi. I think it's important to publish the following story:

Neta Eiger, an 11th grader from the kibbutz, traveled abroad to participate in the International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad. (By the way, Neta is a descendant of Rabbi Akiva Eiger, who was famous for his genius as a Torah scholar.)

Israel sent its six best young chemists to the competition, and Neta was one of them. He excelled in the first two stages of the competition but, unfortunately, the third and most important stage, a laboratory examination, was held last Shabbat.

Despite earlier promises to allow him to take the exam on Friday or Saturday night, he was ultimately not allowed to do this. In our view, Israel should have insisted upon allowing this as a matter of policy, and not as a personal favor for Neta.

Ultimately, Neta did not take the exam on Shabbat. From our perspective, he passed another kind of exam. His kibbutz and his school in Sde Eliyahu are preparing a world champion's reception for him. He prepared three entire years for this competition and is an outstanding chemist. Tonight he returns to Israel, without a trophy but with an abundance of faith and devotion to eternal values."