Accused Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron was hospitalized and underwent a mental health evaluation in 2021 after making a "generalized threat," according to police officials. 

Gendron, an 18-year-old from Conklin, New York, was hospitalized for a mental health evaluation for one-and-a-half days in June 2021, after he made the general threat in his hometown, according to Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia.

A spokesperson for the New York State Police said troopers responded to Susquehanna High School in Conklin, N.Y., "to investigate a report that a 17-year-old student had made a threatening statement." The spokesperson did not identify the subject by name, but said there was no target associated with the threat. 

"The state police responded," Gramaglia said during Sunday’s press conference. "They investigated. They interviewed the subject, and they felt it was appropriate at that time to have that individual brought in for a mental health evaluation. State police did their job to the fullest that they could at that time."... Read More: FOX News