Jerusalem, Israel - Apr. 12, 2022 - Elder of Ziyon has been blogging anonymously for 14 years, with over 30,000 articles "providing accurate, original news that would have remained unnoticed" about Israel. "Elder" chose his title name for its ironic reference to the antisemitic The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which claims Jews control the world. 

Now after years of writing pro-Israel pieces for social media and online news sources, Elder has written and self-published a 358-page book entitled "Protocols Exposing Modern Antisemitism." 

In the past, when people tell me not to take their photo, or ask me to delete a photo I have already taken, I am usually all the more determined to save the image. Not to publish the photo, but to file it away. However, when I met  American blogger Elder of Ziyon in Jerusalem at a conference, knowing his desire to stay anonymous, as per his request I did not take his photograph.

The book is divided into five sections. The first section offers his definition of antisemitism. "Antisemitism is hostility towards, denigration of, malicious lies about, or discrimination against Jews as individual Jews, as a people, as a religion, as an ethnic group, or as a nation (ie.Israel.)"

The second section deals with international law. He clarifies point by point what "experts" get wrong in the third. The dishonesty of Israel's demonizers is discussed in the fourth section, a phenomenon I witness daily on Twitter. In the fifth section Elder discusses the world's leading anti-Israel NGOs, Oxfam, Amnesty, and HRW in "The NGO Jihad against Israel."

Elder has done extensive research, and provides clear responses to most of the current critical issues, including BDS, Nakba Day, woke antisemitism disguised as Jewish Studies, Arab and Muslim antisemitism, Right of Return, UNWRA, and "Palestinian refugees," occupied territories, Western media, Oslo, and the Abraham Accords.

Among other sources Elder quotes from the writings of Edward Said: "Eleanor Roosevelt revolted me in her avid support for the Jewish state; despite her much-vaulted, even advertised humanity, I could never forgive her for her inability to spare the tiniest bit of it for our refugees. The same was true later for Martin Luther King, whom I had genuinely admired but was also unable to fathom (or forgive) for the warmth of his passion for Israel's victory during the 1967 war."

In his straightforward manner Elder states, "Amnesty is more interested in damning Israel with war crimes charges than in the truth." His research found that over 100 children killed in the 2014 Gaza war were used as human shields, killed along with the terrorists - often but not always from their own families. 

Also, the constant stream of Human Rights Watch's "apartheid" accusations and propaganda against Israel is disproportionate when there are other countries much more deserving of attention.

Attacks against Israel's legitimacy and right to exist keep coming from multiple sources, including a growing number of vocal groups on US college campuses. Elder has provided us with clearly-worded and rational responses to answer those who are willing to hear the facts and learn the truth.

Full disclosure, I have published on the Elder of Ziyon blog on occasion and was anxious to read his book. It is a valuable source of information well presented, however, I would have liked an index to make it easier to go back and find specific topics more efficiently. 

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