Jerusalem, Israel - Jan 25, 2022 - With a forecast for snow in Yerushalayim to start on Wednesday and a break from the cold rain on Tuesday, BJL went out for a walk to the Old City. Signs of returning tourists were evident, though in much smaller numbers than usual for Yeshiva week. More stores were open and visitors were able to eat lunch outside in the Jewish Quarter lanes. 

An international tour group was on the Plaza near the Kossel, multiple smaller groups were seen throughout the Rova. The previously empty streets had a few people coming and going, and a couple of large tour buses were out as well in traffic.  The Segways were back with tourists moving around slowly on the sidewalk tours.

Construction is coming along on the access elevator from the Jewish Quarter down to the Kossel. 

A sure sign of returning of tourists and to normal, music was back in Mamilla Mall. Was it a coincidence he was playing Shir Hamalos today?

The photo essay includes images mentioned, plus other sights along the way today in and around the Old City for those still unable to come at this time.