Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski spoke with C4 and Bryan Nehman and provided details on COVID-19, his personal COVID-19 diagnosis and a continuation of bulk trash pickup for country residents. 

Olszewski said the county will resume bulk trash pickup this week. It was discontinued in 1992. He said the idea came from one of the town hall meetings, calling the move "what responsive government is supposed to be like, listening to people and then trying to act."

Olszewski, who said he had very mild symptoms of COVID-19 after contracting the virus over the holidays, addressed COVID-19 cases in the country and said cases are starting to decrease following the latest surge.

Olszewski said he talks with all Baltimore County hospital leaders each week, and while they are still at a concerning point as far as hospitalizations and intensive care unit beds, it does appear that they are breaking the curve and coming back down.... Read More: WBAL