Prosecutors are prepared to make major concession to Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu in order to secure a plea bargain, according to report Thursday night by Channel 12’s Guy Peleg.

On Wednesday, Channel 13 reported that Netanyahu is engaging in negotiations with Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit for a possible plea bargain. Netanyahu is said to have agreed to Mandelblit’s demand that he resign from the Knesset before being convicted, and to leave politics for several years.

Mandelblit also reportedly demanded that Netanyahu be given a minimum sentence of at least community service and an admission of moral turpitude, which could hinder Netanyahu’s return to politics.

Now it appears that prosecutors are willing to make far-reaching concessions as part of a plea bargain arrangement, including rewriting the “Case 4000” indictment - which in its current form includes one charge of bribery, the most serious charges Netanyahu currently faces in any of the indictments against him.... Read More: Arutz-7