Former Prime Minister and opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the failure of the Vienna nuclear talks, saying that Israel must present a real military threat against Iran.

At the beginning of the Likud faction meeting, Netanyahu said that "only one agreement with Iran can be considered. The only agreement that can be reached is an agreement that dismantles Iran's nuclear capabilities."

"In the absence of such an agreement, Israel must be prepared to act independently against the Iranian nuclear program. Independently means even without prior notice - and with surprises. If the United States is not willing to present a real military threat against Iran, Israel must do so."

"Because of the weakness of the government, we are witnessing two intensifying phenomena - an increase in the number of terrorist incidents and an increase in crime in the Arab sector. When they see the weakness in this government, the first Israeli-Palestinian government, these phenomena raise their head."... Read More: Arutz-7