Baltimore, MD -  Nov. 30, 2021 - Sunday evening, the first light of Chanukah, was celebrated at Baltimore’s Downtown Esther Anne Menorah by Mayor Brandon Scott, public officials and a cadre of Chabad Shluchim led by senior Maryland region Shliach Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan. Due to Covid concerns there was only limited participation by the public.

In his remarks Mayor Scott emphasized the importance of the Menorah standing at one of the most prominent locations in the downtown district. The city is the center of the entire region and the Menorah belongs here.

Rabbi Kaplan highlighted the important message of the lights of Chanukah bringing light which represents bringing intelligence and experience that comes with age to guide the energy and actions of youth. 

Rabbi Yaakov Kaplan, director of Chabad of South Baltimore noted that the Shamash which the Mayor lit is not one of the eight lights but it is used to ignite the all of the eight lights.   

After the first light was lit by Rabbi Chesky

Tannenbaum latkes, sufganiot and hot drinks were enjoyed by all.