As the Thanksgiving shopping season kicks off this weekend, consumers will find prices higher than they’ve been in months.

That’s particularly true at Amazon, which has raised prices faster than rivals, according to Profitero, an e-commerce data analytics company that tracks more that 20,000 popular items across several large online retailers. Amazon’s prices on those items grew 7.5 percent in October, compared with the same month a year ago.

Walmart’s prices in comparison grew 3.1 percent and Target’s grew 3.6 percent for the same items over that period.

Amazon – the dominant online retailer with more than 41 percent of e-commerce, according to eMarketer – also plays a huge role in influencing prices across the Web. The phenomenon, which economists have dubbed the “Amazon Effect,” happens because rivals tend to follow Amazon’s lead to match each other on online pricing.... Read More: Washington Post