The UAE, on the Persian Gulf, has become the ultimate corona wedding location for dozens of Israelis, most of them Haredi. The reasons include strict kashrut, shechita, and "[its] suitability for a full and empowering Jewish life," according to the Chabad emissary in Dubai, Rabbi Levi Duchman. An Israeli event organizer who operates in the city adds: "Also the sea, a sought-after commodity for weddings, can be the backdrop if necessary."

"Repeat after me," Hamed, the officiating Emirati rabbi, tells the excited groom, "If I forget Dubai, let my right hand lose its cunning," and the young couple enter a new era in their lives.

This entertaining sketch from the television program That's It (Kan) has become reality for dozens of couples over the past year, although in real life the rabbi is Jewish, of course, and the weddings are in Dubai. And still, the fact that many Israelis over the past year chose to hold their weddings, the opening ceremony of the marriage covenant, in Dubai, is now seen as a truly natural step, like it was something that one could always do.

It's true that the trend was born out of the distress of the corona restrictions in Israel, which at that time only permitted small weddings (and weddings where the bride and the groom were from different places and met in Dubai). Yet the decision to openly hold the most important ceremony of their lives in an Arab-Muslim state is no a trivial matter.... Read More: Israel Hayom