Israel’s draft law was supposed to be put to a vote on Monday in the first reading in the Knesset plenum, but in the absence of a majority due to fears of opposition from the Raam faction, the law was removed from the agenda.

During a debate in the Knesset plenum, MK Meir Porush addressed the Speaker of the Knesset, MK Mansour Abbas, who chaired the meeting as Deputy Speaker of the Knesset.

“It is not true that you will pass the draft law,” he said. “To your people you say not to go to the army, not to serve. What is the logic of the members of Raam telling us to go to the army?”

He sharpened his message and said, “You have to think about whether you want to stab us in the back. We will not be able to live here if we are not allowed to study Torah. ”... Read More: MATZAV