Fadi Abu Shkhaydam, who shot dead one Israeli and wounded four others in Yerushalayim’s Old City on Sunday before being gunned down himself by Israeli security forces, was a well-known preacher in eastern Jerusalem.

In a Friday sermon he delivered in 2020, Abu Shkhaydam railed against “the Jewish and Christian masters of heresy,” calling them “the leaders of injustice in our days.”

“One of the fiercest forms of injustice are the repeated attacks against the shari’a, the opposition to the rule of the shari’a and replacing it with man-made [legal] systems,” he said.

Abu Shkhaydam said “evil atheism” and “spiteful communism” were behind these attacks, along with “the Jewish and Christian masters of heresy” and their “despicable followers,” who he said were “the tyrannical sultans and the evil ulama [scholars], those who sold their conscience.”... Read More: JNS