A supporter of former president Donald Trump was sentenced to 19 months in prison for threatening to “slaughter” members of Congress days after the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol – a threat that tested the limits of free speech in an era of contentious political division.

Brendan Hunt, 37, still doesn’t recognize the severity of the violent rhetoric in the 88-second message he posted online 12 days before Joe Biden’s inauguration, said the judge who sentenced him Monday in federal court in Brooklyn.

“We cherish free speech in this country but we also cherish our form of government,” said U.S. District Court Judge Pamela Chen, who rejected Hunt’s bid to limit his sentence to the 10 months he has already been held.

Hunt did not go to Washington on Jan. 6, when a mob of Trump supporters attacked police and forced their way into the Capitol to try to disrupt the certification of Biden’s presidential victory. But he posted a video to the online site BitChute on Jan. 8 citing Trump’s false claims that the election was tainted and saying Trump’s followers should “take up arms” and head to Washington to kill lawmakers he thought were traitors for confirming the Biden win.... Read More: Washington Post