Baltimore, MD - Oct. 25, 2021  - A capacity crowd of approximately 250 filled both the main section and the entrance foyer of the Khal Chassidim "Chassidische" Kollel building on 6004 Park Heights for the dinner honoring the Yahrzeit of the great Gaon HaRav Michoel Forshlager, ztk"l.  The fact that the crowd never thinned out until the event ended and people were continuously leaving and entering indicated that they were coming mainly for the event and not just for the food.  Besides the Kollel and many community members, several Rabbonim came as well.  Among them were HaRav Yaakov Hopfer, HaRav Yissochor Dov Eichenstein, Rav Jonathan Seidemann, Rav Uri Milrod, Rav Shmuel Friedman, and Rabbi Eitan Mintz.  HaRav Moshe Heinemann expressed interest, saying that it was very Chashuv, but was unable to attend due to a prior commitment out of town. 

Additionally, several people attended who came from afar.  Among them were Rav Benzion Bergman, author of Michoel B'Achas, and his father Rav Yakov Bergman, a great supporter of the project, from Borough Park and Seagate, respectively.  The great, great grandson of Rav Michoel, Rav Pichas Kreizel, who just recently reprinted the original Toras Michoel, came in from upstate New York, and Rabbi Avrum Moshe Friedmann, author of the English Biography, The Hidden Giant of the Torah World, travelled from Yerushalayim.

Shortly after the guests were seated and some introductory remarks, the Master of Ceremonies introduced the Rosh Kollel HaGaon Rav Amram Jungreis who spoke about the Tchias HaMeisim of Rav Forshlager from virtual obscurity to a figure of growing recognition and how an event such as this Hilulah could not have happened even ten years ago. 

Next, another member of the community, Rav Klein was asked to say a few words about how his Tfilos and Bakoshos at the Kever of Rav Forshlager were miraculously answered.  Many attendees confirmed similar stories.  Some are included in the English Biography, but more are coming out on a regular basis.

Afterwards, Rabbi Friedmann from Israel related a few more stories about the Rav, citing the fact that although this was his 63rd Yahrzeit, it is really his one hundredth Yahrzeit, since he arrived on American shores and began his work here one hundred years ago.  He then went on to relate several Chidushim in the spirit of Rav Forshlager, who always asked his Talmidim to tell him their Chidushim.  Rav Friedmann was followed by Rav Kreizel, who discussed what works were in progress as well as what was being planned.  He was followed by Rav Yakov Bergman, who has been a supporter of this project, both in spirit and financially, from the outset.  He compared the Tchias HaMeisim of Rav Forshlager to the Gemara about the Asara Harugei Malchus, in particular about Rav Chanina ben Tradion, when he says that the scroll is burned but the letters give flight.   Rav Forshlager's letters were hovering in the air and are only now coming to rest in our time and in our place.

Credit for this beautiful and Mchubadika celebration must be shared.  First to the Rosh Kollel Rav Amram Jungreis for his relentless work in the planning and advertising and obtaining funding.  Rav Benzion Bergman, who, as always, plays a major role in anything related to Rav Forshlager's Torah and memory.  This event was no exception.  Rav Kreizel shares credit for his work in the advertising and probably more things of which I am unaware.  And finally, Harav Eliezer Wulliger and his Rebbetzin, for their tireless efforts of catering and setting up the hall and hiring waiters to ensure a beautiful, professional and successful event.


On the following day, nearly all the attendees visited the kever of Rav Forshlager.  However, it should be noted that many both from Baltimore and out of town were present at all times during the day and even after dark.  A conservative estimate of the number of visitors on that day was between 700 and 1,000 mispallelim.  Buses and mini-buses came from several parts of Brooklyn, Skvair, Monroe, Monsey and other parts of the New York area including Lakewood.  A Table was set up with handouts of Thilim lKovod the Yahrzeit provided by the Bergman family.  Candles were also provided.  At the entrance to the cemetery, a table was set up for a Tikun.

In the zchus of the Tzaddik, may all the Tfillos be answered.