Excerpts from Defense Minister Benny Gantz's remarks:

- “In order for the State of Israel to achieve peace agreements, it must remain the most powerful state in the Middle East. This is and will continue to be our guiding principle forever.”

- “The fact that we prevented the unilateral annexation [of territories] enabled the vision of the Abraham Accords to break through and materialize. I am very happy that these peace treaties were signed, and I am sure that they will be expanded. They will serve as engines of change in the Middle East since they have established peace between our people.”

- “We must not forget the important peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan, which are great assets to the State of Israel. We have a duty to develop all peace agreements and to continue to strive for peace with the Palestinians as well.”

- “Israel is working to expand existing agreements and pursuing additional agreements. We are currently working to strengthen security cooperation between the countries that have signed the Abraham Accords and the State of Israel.”

-“I would like to thank the previous US administration led by Donald Trump, and his senior adviser Jared Kushner. I am confident that together with the current US administration led by President Biden and with the countries of the region, we will continue to expand these positive agreements.”