Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, today (Tuesday, 14 September 2021), eulogized Prisoner of Zion Ida Nudel:

"Prisoner of Zion Ida Nudel, a symbol of the struggle for aliyah from the Soviet Union, has passed away.

While she was short in stature, she had a giant spirit.

The story of Ida's life, which arouses interest and admiration around the world, is the story the immigrants and of the entire Jewish people – the yearning for Zion, love of the country and the struggle to immigrate to the Land of Israel at any cost.

Even after she immigrated, she continued to act in Israel for the education of the children of the new immigrants, to who she was devoted until her last day.

Ida Nudel was an exemplar of Jewish heroism for us all.

May her memory be blessed."