Baltimore, MD - Sept. 13, 2021  - Yesterday, I was on my way home from Torah Institute with a carpool van full of boys when I realized that I had a flat tire! I was on Green Tree Rd and three bochurim that were walking back to yeshiva stopped to help me. 

It's not easy to work on a 12 passenger van with a jack you've never used, but they didn't give up and eventually figured out how to do everything and got me on my way with my spare! Although I was nervous (they were all in 10th grade!) I was so proud of them for wanting to help and being so determined and persistent and figuring out how to do everything, even with many setbacks. (Mr Bienstock, a parent of one of the boys in the carpool, came to take the TI boys home so they weren't stuck waiting.

The bochurim used tools from his van when we couldn't find them in mine. (I was also impressed that they thought of that!) 

The names of the boys that helped were Yonah Bamberger, Yosef Feigenbaum, & Nesanel Appelbaum