Baltimore County announced plans on Thursday to require masks for students, teachers and staff returning to school for the fall, and some parents are already pushing back against that idea.

Amy Adams and Mary Taylor are members of a parents' group that earlier this year threatened legal action to force schools to return to in person learning sooner than they planned. Now, the group has issues with the announcement about new mask rules for when students return next month, stating it was too confusing.

“This has been a really confusing week," Adams said to C4 and Bryan Nehman. "We would like more information. We would like the school system to educate us on the data they used and the advice they got from Hopkins and the health department to make this decision for our children. We of course as parents want to do what’s right, we just want to understand the rationale as well."

Adams called the mask mandate part of a slippery slope and that she's hoping kids won't slide back into learning from home again.... Read More: WBAL