It's been more than six months since the National Guard was deployed to the U.S. Capitol during the January insurrection, and officials of the Maryland National Guard say the federal government has not reimbursed them for the costs of keeping thousands of national guard soldiers in Washington, providing security at the Capitol for four months. 

Major General Timothy Gowen says the Guard has had to cover those costs themselves, and they need that money back by the beginning of next month.

Gowen has sent a letter to Senator Ben Cardin asking for help. "Obviously this was not an event anyone in the National Guard had planned for so there was not funding set aside for such activities," reads part of the letter from Gowen. "The funding to cover pay, allowance, and operational expenses were covered by normal National Guard funding streams (Pay & Allowance and Operations & Maintenance). To date, neither the National Guard nor the Department of Defense writ large has received reimbursement for the deployment of over 25,000 National Guard members to the District for a period of over four months."