The Biden administration Monday removed its first detainee from Guantanamo Bay, sending a man back to Morocco who had first been recommended for discharge in 2016 but who remained in the Cuba prison through former President Donald Trump’s time in office.

Abdul Latif Nasser, 56, was transferred to custody in Morocco, leaving 39 prisoners at the prison, reports The New York Times. The transfer marks the renewed efforts, that had been pursued under former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama but slowed under Trump, to thin the prison’s population

Eleven of the remaining prisoners at the facility have been charged with war crimes. At its peak over the almost 20 years since the Sept. 11, 2011 attacks and during the invasion of Afghanistan, the prison, at a U.S. naval base, held about 675 men.

Nasser was being held as a law-of-war detainee and had not been charged with a crime. Pakistani security forces captured him in Afghanistan in December 2001 and turned him over to the United States military, which sent him to Guantanamo Bay.... Read More: Newsmax