Baltimore, MD - June 22, 2021 - In what can only be described as a true Simchas ha’Torah, this past Sunday the community danced a brand new Sefer Torah from the Life Bridge parking lot on Greene Tree Road to Kesser Torah’s campus at 8400 Park Heights Avenue. As everyone gathered together for this special occasion, there was a general sense that the event not only marked the completion of a Sefer Torah, which was completed over the last six months in Eretz Yisroel, but also welcomed the greater Baltimore community to Kesser Torah’s new campus.

The bochurim of the yeshiva danced around their rebbeim, local rabbonim, and members of the Leder family, who generously sponsored the Torah, amidst joyous singing enhanced by “Korn's Hachnosos Sefer Torah Truck”.

Prior to the event, Rabbi Avrohom Feldheim, Menahel of Kesser Torah, reminded the bochurim of the Gemara in Menachos (30a), which states that “one who writes a Sefer Torah is considered as if he has received it at Sinai.”  The Menahel used this idea to ignite in the talmidim a sense that they would be recreating Matan Torah at the event.  Based on the infectious simcha that permeated throughout the afternoon and evening, it was clear that the bochurim took this idea to heart.

The entire event took place during Kesser Torah’s fundraising campaign to raise funds for the renovation of their new building.  Next year, the community’s new Makom Torah will be home to approximately one hundred bochurim in the yeshiva’s Mesivta and Bais Medrash.