Baltimore, MD - June 22, 2021 - Please be advised that BSSP has become aware of suspects canvassing our communities for delivered packages to steal. Camera footage identifies this dark vehicle as being used in at least one theft.

We encourage residents to be on the look out for this vehicle or other suspicious behavior such as a vehicle driving repeatedly around a block or stopping in front of homes to see if there are unattended packages.

We would like to remind the community to take safety precautions to avoid and deter such crimes.

Package Safety Tips

-Don't leave delivered mail and packages unattended.
-If you're going out of town, put your mail on "hold" at your local Post Office.
-Ship using "Hold for Pickup"
-Customize the delivery
-Secure the shipment using USPS Special Services, such as Signature Confirmation or Registered Mail.
-Bring delivered packages into your home as soon as they are delivered.

Should you see unfamiliar individuals and vehicles that appear to be behaving suspiciously or witness individuals removing a package from the front of a home, please call 911 and  BSSP at 410-358-9999 immediately.