PM accuses new government of planning 'fascist' laws as Knesset prepares to vote in new government. 'But we'll be back soon.'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu excoriated the proposed national unity government at a special Knesset session Sunday afternoon, accusing the new coalition of planning ‘fascist’ laws in the style of North Korea and Iran.

As the Knesset prepared to vote on the national unity government, Netanyahu said the new government would surrender to international pressure to support the nuclear deal with Iran, claiming that Tehran is ‘celebrating’ the inauguration of the new government.

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“Iran is celebrating today, because they understand that starting from today, we have a weak government that will follow the dictates of the international community.”

Netanyahu vowed that the Opposition would quickly bring down the new government and pave the way for his return to power.

“But I have a message for [Iran]: There will be a clear, strong voice in the Opposition We’ll be back – soon.”

“If it is our fate to be in the Opposition, we will go to the Opposition with our heads held high and we’ll work to topple this government.”

“Try to do as little damage as possible to our economy, so we can fix it when we come back.”

The prime minister accused the media of ‘flattering’ Naftali Bennett, calling him a ‘fake’ rightist.

“The media will flatter Bennett because they know that he is a fake right-winger.” Read more at Arutz-7