Billionaire businessman and former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg has vowed to catch a team of investigative journalists who leaked his personal tax information.

The tax records, along with thousands of other wealthy Americans, were obtained by nonprofit news outlet ProPublica and used in an exposé on the US tax system published Tuesday.

According to Forbes, Bloomberg, a prominent Jewish philanthropist, and the 13th richest American, features prominently in the article.

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He reportedly paid $70.7 million on income of $1.9 billion in 2018, which equates to a 3.7% tax rate. The average American household typically pays about 14% in federal income tax. According to ProPublica, Bloomberg benefited from Trump-era tax cuts, write-offs on charitable donations and credits to pay foreign taxes.

Tax data also showed that Bloomberg’s wealth increased by $22.5 billion between 2014 and 2018, while his tax burden for that period was $292 million, or 1.3%.

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