Two former senior security officials expressed Wednesday differing views of the US and other world powers’ imminent return to the Iran nuclear agreement, with one claiming that Israel’s strategy for dealing with the threat was “broken.”

Speaking at the Meir Dagan conference at Netanya Academic College, former ex-Mossad chief Tamir Pardo blasted incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a massive strategic error to be in such open conflict with the former President Obama and current US President Joe Biden’s administration on the issue.

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While agreeing that “we must do everything to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon,” Pardo was particularly scathing of Netanyahu’s assessment that the Islamic Republic should be considered an existential threat and that Israel, should the need arise, could go it alone against the Tehran regime, even if that meant ignoring Washington.

He intimated that it was the height of arrogance and bad manners to effectively spit in the face of the Americans when it provides Israel with the aircraft and weaponry - both offensive and defensive - it needs to protect itself.

Pardo maintained that if Netanyahu had not lobbied former President Donald Trump to leave the Iran Nuclear Deal in 2018, then Tehran would not be anywhere near the current 60 percent uranium enrichment level that it is presently boasting.

Meanwhile, former IDF chief of staff Lt.-Gen. (ret.) Gadi Eisenkot assessed that while Israel must do everything it can to prevent Iran from achieving atomic weapons, he did not agree that it was an existential threat.

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