Chief of Staff says 'serious damage related to a state secret' avoided at last minute

Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi on Wednesday defended the Israel Defense Forces' decision to impose strict censorship on the death of an intelligence officer in a military prison, where he was being held after being charged with serious offenses to national security, saying it was necessary to protect both the country and the military's privacy.

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Despite some revelations, many details remain closed to publication, including the identity of the officer - already widely shared online - and the specific nature of the alleged crimes, some of which were acknowledged during his questioning by the IDF.

The Chief of Staff said in a speech that "serious damage related to a state secret" was avoided at the last minute.

"This officer was my soldier. He committed the most serious crimes. He committed them knowingly, intentionally, for reasons that I cannot describe," lamented the Chief of Staff. Read more at i24