Police say 374 people gave been arrested so far tonight in rioting throughout the country, with 36 cops hurt during events.

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Among them, six people are suspected of involvement in an attack on an Arab man in Bat Yam that has shocked Israeli leaders.

Officials say police are in control of most hotpots though there remain several areas where “Border Police and police and working to disperse rioters.”

They also say two Lod suspects have been arrested who are suspected in incidents of shooting at police last night.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz issues a statement responding to the brutal rioting taking place across the country in which Arab and Jewish mobs have targeted innocent bystanders.

“On this evening, more than ever, our internal divisions are what threatens us. They are no less dangerous than Hamas’s missiles,” Gantz says.

“We must not win the battle in Gaza and lose the battle at home. The harsh images from the cities and streets tonight are Israelis tearing each other apart. The shocking violence in Bat Yam, Acre, Lod and other cities turns our stomachs and breaks the hearts of us all,” he adds.

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