Baltimore, MD - May 5, 2021 - BSSP joins our neighbors to condemn and mourn the murder of Ephraim Gordon that occurred in the early morning hours on Monday on Fords Lane.

These acts of violence have become all too common in Baltimore City and defy human dignity and decency. We will speak loudly and stand together against this horrific crime.

BSSP has been engaged in assisting the family and law enforcement immediately following this crime and continues to work to bring the perpetrators of this murder to justice.

Tomorrow we join Councilman Schleifer and Delegate Attar's initiative to canvas the surrounding area where the crime occurred to distribute reward fliers. It is our hope that by bringing increased attention to this crime we can encourage those with information to come forward.

BSSP will continue to take a stand for all our fellow neighbors and will not rest until the cowardly perpetrators of this murder are brought to justice.