Baltimore, MD - Apr. 7, 2021 - Teachers, You Got Vaccines, But Did You Get Your Energy Booster?

Teachers spent an inordinate amount of energy this year recreating themselves and reimagining what teaching can look like. A dose of Inspiration is on the way!

“I dreaded going to school every morning. I was afraid someone might be on Zoom,” confessed a 3rd grade teacher who weathered the winter teaching a hybrid class.  As students cycled in and out of school this year, teachers in our local Jewish day school adjusted and adjusted again to each day’s new normal. Teachers had to help the student on Zoom who would interrupt to ask questions that, because of a few second delay, dragged the flow of the class back several paces They had to change lesson plans on a dime, despite having prepared an ornate review game because some students could only join on Zoom that day. They learned new technology and strained their voices (and patience) to ensure that each student was engaged. Educators wrote and rewrote the script of teaching this year on an ongoing basis. Each educator, home room teachers, teachers of electives and specials, principals and school administrators, deserves a hearty thank you for keeping Baltimore’s day schools open and encouraging their students both physically and emotionally.

Stories abound of educators who stretched the limits of a teacher’s role to make students feel supported and cared for. From the rebbe who personally brought a Slurpee to the boy who missed this treat because he was in quarantine to the educator who continually retaught her math class to students on Zoom every single time a student was out. From the English teacher who patiently explained to the children on Zoom what everyone in class was laughing at, to the rebbe who compiled Jewish videos to show while students had to eat lunch in their seats. 

But stretching oneself day in and day out can take its toll. Keeping up energy and creativity levels for months on end can be challenging to maintain. Now, after Pesach, there may be a temptation for teachers to let things slide and coast until the last day in June. But the children of our Baltimore community need their teachers to keep up the energy and the love. Their beloved teachers cannot afford to slack off or let COVID sap their energy. Students need their teachers to continue refreshing and invigorating the class, wherever they may be.

The Center for Jewish Education is offering an "energy booster" to support teachers with a dose of the care and concern they offer their students each day.  CJE is always there to provide support for the local Jewish schools with a robust library, creative resources, targeted grants, meaningful professional development and so much more. CJE invites Baltimore’s community of mechanchim and mechanchos to gather virtually and remember why they chose this profession and why it is worth the effort and sacrifice to stay in the field of chinuch, even during a year like this. This opportunity will take place on Monday evening, April 12th at 8:00 pm on Zoom.

Rabbi Shraga Neuberger, a leader in chinuch, who supports his talmidim in every area of life and learning, even long after they leave the walls of Yeshivas Ner Yisrael, will address Baltimore’s Jewish education professionals to show gratitude and inspire our heroes to re-energize and End on a High!

Members of the auspicious profession of Jewish educators are welcome to join by registering here