Baltimore, MD - Feb. 24, 2021 - The following was sent this morning by Rabbi Zvi Teichman to the membership of Ohel Moshe.

Chaverim Yedidim!
As many have inquired regarding the appropriate timing for the Purim Seudah this year, as it falls out on Erev Shabbos, I am presenting a short guide for everyone's convenience.
1 - There are many who encourage the eating of the Seudas Purim during the morning some time before Chatzos - 12:19 PM.

2 - Others suggest simply beginning the Seudah before Chatzos and continuing after into the afternoon.

3 - One may also rely on the opinions who say it is sufficient to begin the Seudah before Mincha Ketana - 3:34 PM
In this scenario it would be preferable to daven Mincha earlier before the Seudah.

4 - There are those who ideally begin the Seudah late in the afternoon, beginning the meal with sufficient time to wash on bread and eat a substantial meal, preferably meat, during the day, and merging the Seudah directly into the Shabbos Seudah.
Here too, one should daven Mincha before initiating the Purim Seudah.

5 - At Candle Lighting time the women should light the Shabbos candles.

6 - Kabbolas Shabbos should begin before Shekiah - 5:53 PM.

7 - One may daven Maariv as well , if there is a Minyan, or even go to Shul in the midst of the meal to daven with a minyan, maintaining awareness that one is still in the midst of a meal, so one will not have to re-wash one's hands upon returning. (One may choose to daven Maariv after the Seudah as well.)

8 - One should upon returning to the Seudah cover the Two Challos. (Pores Mapah)

9 - Kiddush should then be recited. If the Mekadesh  drank wine earlier and recited a Borei Pri HaGafen already, the full Kiddush would be said omitting the brachah of Borei Pri HaGafen on the wine.

10 - Being that likely one had already made a Motzie on bread at the inception of the Purim Seudah, no brachah would now be recited, merely cutting up the Challah and distributing pieces to the participants, with everyone ideally eating a KeBeitzah (- two golf balls)  of Challah, to fulfill the obligation of Seudas Shabbos.

11 - One should now eat the Shabbos meal, preferably, eating a meat dish again.

12- During Bentching one would only say Retzei, but omit Al HaNissim, although there are those who suggest adding it in the HaRachaman section.
A Freilichen Purim and a Guten Shabbos!
Zvi Teichman