Rabbi Meir Mazuz instructs: 'Everyone learning in yeshivas should receive coronavirus vaccine.'

Rabbi Meir Mazuz, a leading Sephardic rabbi, sent a letter to the heads of yeshivas and other institutions under his leadership, instructing them to require the married yeshiva students who learn there to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

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According to Rabbi Mazuz, the vaccine has saved millions of people from death.

"Regarding the doubts and questions which are being discussed in our communities with regards to the coronavirus vaccine, which with G-d's kindness, within a few months, has been shown to be an appropriate vaccine which saved and saves millions of people from actual death, thank G-d for He is good," he wrote.

"It is incumbent upon every yeshiva student who comes to learn in your kollels (yeshivas for married men) to get vaccinated, as the doctors, law, and constitution have said." Read more at Arutz-7