Baltimore parents believe there's enough medical evidence to reopen schools for in-person learning, and now some of those parents are threatening legal action.

Parents who want to see Baltimore County schools reopen say for now, potential legal action is their last resort.

“We want BCPS to be strong and successful,” said Amy Adams, a Baltimore County parent.

On the sidewalk outside Perry High School yet another call for Baltimore County schools to reopen. Adams, a mother of three, believes up until now, parents have been ignored.

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“Other counties around the state have planned emergency board of education meetings to revise reopening plans and meet the target date of March 1. BCPS has failed to make any official comments to parents, students or staff,” Adams said.

In recent months, a reopen school's group has been turning up the heat on the county to at least give parents a choice. Mary Taylor, the head of that group, now plans to send what it calls a “legal claims notice” to the school board and superintendent to bring students back.

“We have been trying to be actively engaged stakeholders through emails, and making our request for a choice, holding rallies and speaking with the press, we continue to be ignored," Taylor said. “Our short-term goal is to continue to work to hold BCPS accountable until every single student who wishes to return for in-person learning safely is back in school."

Pat McDonough, a former state lawmaker and community organizer, supports their efforts.

“The days of the lack of communication by the board and the superintendent and the administration are over,” McDonough said. Read more at WBALTV