A warning as many people in the country are falling on some tough times financially: Scammers could be targeting your tax information.

Angie Barnett, of the BBB of Greater Maryland, told 11 News about tax-related scams and what you need to know so you don't become a victim.

Scams are always a concern, but the Better Business Bureau warns there's likely even more reason to be on guard this tax season.

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It's just about tax time and if the paperwork, details and prep work isn't stressful enough, potential scammers can certainly make it all worse. Perhaps, this tax season even more than in year's past.

"Scammers have really picked up their game this year and they're capitalizing on the emotional, social isolation, the frailty, the financial issues,” Barnett said.

Barnett explained that the Better Business Bureau of Greater Maryland received a record number of tax-related scam complaints in 2020. One, in particular she warns, is when you go to file your taxes only to find out they've already been filed and a refund has already been issued.

How could that happen? "It's really related to other scams,” Barnett said.

Just like the rampant unemployment scams, Barnett said, designed to get your personal information as more and more people are looking for work.

"And when you go to an employment website to look for a job or a scam artist tells you, ‘We've got a job,’ and you are hired what do you give? Because that's what we do when we are employed, we give out Social Security number,” she said.

Scammers can also get information through data breaches. Read more at WBALTV