Israel’s government has approved extreme measures aimed at limiting the spread of Covid 19.

At midnight January 26 (between Monday and Tuesday), all foreign airlines will be barred from landing in Israel. Passengers will only be permitted to depart Israel for bona fide emergencies, after receiving special permission.

Aircraft which are in the air at the time that the rule takes effect will be allowed to land.

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Most airlines are already cancelling their flights. United Airlines has informed Chaim V’Chessed that their last flights to Israel will depart today, Sunday, with returning flights leaving Israel on Monday.

El Al’s last flight will depart New York tonight. They still intend to operate flights form Miami and Los Angeles on Monday. Delta Airlines has advised Chaim V’Chessed that their late night flight from JFK to Tel Aviv will apparently be operating. It’s departure will be moved up to 4:30 PM, so as to be airborne before the Israeli regulations take effect.

If you have travel plans, contact your airline for further information.