President Trump
 on Tuesday evening moved to declassify documents related to the FBI’s Russia investigation in one of his last acts before he leaves office.

A memo released by the White House states that Trump requested and reviewed a binder of materials related to the FBI probe, dubbed Crossfire Hurricane, in the last month and determined that they should be declassified “to the maximum extent possible.”

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The memo states that Trump accepted redactions to the materials proposed by the FBI on Jan. 17 and ordered the declassification of the “remaining materials in the binder.” The document does not describe the extent of the redactions or the amount of material that will ultimately be declassified.

“This is my final determination under the declassification review and I have directed the Attorney General to implement the redactions proposed in the FBI's January 17 submission and return to the White House an appropriately redacted copy,” Trump wrote in the memo. Read more at The Hill