Baltimore, MD - Jan. 14, 2021 - Schools across the US have been getting an extra Boost with the Eastern Union-Torah Umesorah PPP Partnership, and now the program is available to benefit any Nonprofit Organization!

The launch of a second round of PPP loans brings not only financial relief for small businesses, but also an incredible opportunity for Mosdos to benefit from the billions of dollars the SBA pays out in commissions.

Each Nonprofit that joins the program will get a unique tracking link to share with their network. Businesses that apply for a PPP loan through their link will generate a 20% donation to that Organization from the commissions the SBA pays to banks for processing PPP loans. 

There is no cost to a business when using a partner Organization’s link, and they will benefit from applying with one of the top 3 PPP lenders. It is truly a case of Zeh Neheneh v'Zeh Lo Chaser.

If you are a Nonprofit that wants to join the Partner program and generate a donation from PPP commissions, click here to sign up now.