Now that the process is underway to vaccinate people against COVID-19, more Americans say they are eager to get a shot, according to a new Axios-Ipsos Coronavirus Index survey.

The poll this week shows that 60% of Americans are now saying they are likely to get the shot as soon as they are able to, up 8% since mid-December, indicating that some of the vaccine hesitancy was because people were wanting to wait and see about the vaccine and not digging in to oppose it, reports Axios.

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  • The numbers also represented a 20-point jump in Hispanic respondents, who said they are willing to get their vaccines immediately.
  • Seniors also said they are open to getting a vaccine.

Last year, before vaccines were available, the Axios-Ipsos survey showed that people cared more about the vaccines being safe than about getting a shot immediately, but now that no serious safety issues are showing up, people are feeling safer about getting a shot.

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