Out of Israel's 9.29 million citizens, Jerusalem plans on vaccinating 5 million by the end of March

The per capita price for two doses of the COVID-19 vaccines, developed by pharmaceutical companies Pfizer-BioNtech and Moderna, is estimated to cost $47 for every Israeli citizen, the Kan public broadcaster reported on Monday.

In total, the Jewish state will pay at least NIS 1 billion ($316.5 million) for the treatment, the public broadcaster noted.

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Out of Israel's 9.29 million citizens, the Israeli government has set a goal of vaccinating five million Israelis by the end of March.

Pfizer, which supplies the vaccines Israel already uses for its mass vaccination program, will receive NIS 775 million ($201 million), with the rest coming from Moderna. 

Moderna, which began supplying the country with vaccines last week, will receive NIS 320 million ($102 million). Read more at i24