Baltimore, MD - Nov. 24, 2020 - Mesivta Kesser Torah is proud to welcome parents of 8th-graders to its 5th Annual Open House!  This will be the first such event at the yeshiva’s new 40-acre campus located at 8400 Park Heights Avenue.  Bochurim began this Elul Zman at the new campus which has allowed each talmid to learn and grow in an oasis of Torah and Yiras Shamayim with unparalleled serenity.  This year, the yeshiva has an enrollment of over 80 bochurim in grades 9-12.

Due to the pandemic, parents will be required to register for one of three available slots to attend the Open House on Sunday, December 6th (20 Kislev).  Please click here  and complete the form to reserve your spot!  Time slots are available at 3pm, 4pm, 5pm. Those families without access to the internet may call 410.538.2402 ext. 5 to register.

To begin the application process please click here.