“We cannot accept this loss of life as normal… Baltimore will begin to address violence in a more holistic and focused way.”

Baltimore, MD Monday, November 23, 2020 — Baltimore City Council President and Mayor-Elect Brandon M. Scott released the following statement on Baltimore’s 300th homicide in 2020:

“Unfortunately, Baltimore has reached the 300 homicide mark today for the 6th year in a row. We cannot accept this loss of life as normal. It is not normal. These are not just numbers; they are residents who will no longer be able to spend the holidays with their families or reach their full potential in life.

In addition to the sheer magnitude of this loss of life, we cannot forget the families and communities left to deal with the trauma and pain. My heart goes out to every single person touched by this unrelenting violence. Your loss is unimaginable, and your pain is my pain.

We cannot accept that so many of our residents are faced with acts of violence in their neighborhoods. We have no choice but to build a safer city.

Baltimore will begin to address violence in a more holistic and focused way.

Police have a role to play in getting those perpetrating violence and trafficking weapons off the streets, while building trust with the communities in which they serve. But we can no longer stop there.

Under my leadership, Baltimore will begin to treat violence like the public health issue it is. All city agencies — from the Health Department, Housing, and Employment Development to City Schools and Recreation and Parks — must work together and be engaged in the work of reimagining public safety in our city. Every agency, every organization, and every resident has a role to play in building a safer city.

The road to a safer Baltimore will not be easy and will not happen overnight. But working together, I know we can take the action required to save lives and build stronger, healthier communities.”