From Jerusalem we get besorah of the Petirah of Rav Matisyahu Rosenblum zt"l at the age of 57. Rav Matisyahu, a special personality of humbleness and modesty was a brilliant scholar who taught for many years at Machon Yaakov, and his words and person have had a profound effect on many many talmidim. Besides his brilliance, he was known for his intellectual honesty and lack of artifice. He lived in Kiryat Yearim Telz Stone where he attended for decades the Kollel ha'deah ve'hadibur led by Horav Michoel Sorotzkin, where he was exceptional talmid chochom searching for the truth of Torah. During Shiva, Horav Sorotzkin spoke via zoom and said special divrei chizuk and nechama to the entire family and friends.