Israeli researchers hope to test the vaccine, called 'Brilife,' on 30,000 volunteers in April

Human trials for Israel's COVID-19 vaccine prototype will commence on November 1, and continue into the spring if the treatment proves successful, Israel's Defense Ministry said Sunday.

Developed by the Israel Institute for Biological Research, the trials will be conducted in multiple phases, beginning with just two patients. The second phase will see the vaccine distributed to 80 volunteers throughout the month of November.

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If they respond well to the vaccine - by developing antibodies against the virus - testing will be extended to 960 people from December.

If this larger group also responds positively to the vaccine, then injections will be given to some 30,000 people in April or May 2021. 

Finally, if the vaccine, called "Brilife," works and there are no significant side effects, then it will be authorized to be distributed to the entire population. Read more at i24