Both countries have claimed territory labelled as 'economic waters' in the search for natural resources

Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun told a visiting US official Friday that his country “heavily relies” on Washington’s mediation regarding a disputed maritime border with Israel, and hopes the United States can help the sides overcome difficulties they may face.

Lebanon and Israel, still technically at war, started unprecedented talks sponsored by the United Nations and the United States on Wednesday to settle a maritime border dispute.

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Aoun’s comments were released by his office following his meeting with US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Schenker, the top American diplomat for the Middle East. The statement by Aoun’s office quoted Schenker as saying that he hopes the negotiations will be completed as soon as possible and reach positive results.

On Wednesday, Schenker attended the opening session of the US-mediated talks at a UN compound in the border area known as Ras Naqoura. Read more at i24