TEL AVIV (VINnews) — Dr. Or Goren, a member of the anasthesia staff at the ICU in Ichilov hospital, Tel Aviv, shared a shocking Facebook post in which he describes his feelings of dread in the wake of COVID-19 and implores people to obey Health Ministry regulations.

Goren writes:

Yom Kippur is approaching and I'm worried

The prayer on Yom Kippur is a consensus and especially in such a difficult time - we all need it.

But mass prayer can have a devastating meaning.

First, I will introduce myself.

My name is Or, I am a doctor in the anesthesia and intensive care formation in Ichilov and one of those responsible for the staging and treatment of the Corona Array.

In the last period we have been swamped.

Really flooded.

Very difficult patients.

Young people too.

Whoever didn't hold (completely shielded of course) the hand of a 74-year-old woman is completely healthy, at 6 pm and understood from her that she doesn't want to be on her and wrote her a death letter 20:00 hours later, doesn't understand what horror

Whoever didn't stand in front of a 45-year-old man with a little overweight who can't breathe, women him and then determined his death a week later, does n

Those who don't make phone calls with families everyday to update them on the inevitable deterioration of their relatives, don't understand what grief is.

Whoever didn't work fully shielded, in a warm and suffocating shield with steam on the reflecting long hours until exhaustion to try to save someone else, doesn't understand the dedication

We've seen a lot.

Over the years I have accompanied many people to their deaths.

I went through with my friends and friends the flu of pigs in other difficult times.

Something like this we haven't seen yet.

Young people who will never be weaned from the soul because the disease destroys the lungs.

Older and active people who could have lived for many more years, die at a dizzy speed.

I am calling you all without a kintor or a desire to batter -

Please, pray only according to the instructions.

If there are too many people - don't enter the synagogue.

Keep your distance.

If someone is without a mask - don't be shy to wake him up.

And for those who think that prayer protects him - beyond the fact that he worsened the danger of being banned - if there were no rules of medical secrecy - I would tell you about followers and fallen actors who were uncles in the face of this disease.

May this difficult time pass and we can return to normal life. Now, we are testing towards the heavens in keeping our bodies and the lives of our dear ones.