JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Mossad chief Yossi Cohen referred Wednesday to the signing ceremony with the UAE and Bahrain and declared in a channel 13 interview that he “truly hopes that an agreement with Saudia Arabia is within reach.”

Cohen said that “there are significant efforts to add additional countries to the atmosphere of peace and normalization with Israel and I am in favor of this. I’m convinced that this is possible. I am definitely expecting good news, I hope even within this calendar year.”

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Cohen also explained the importance of the agreements signed at the White House, stating that “at the security level we have a huge message of transferring support to Israel. The agreements are a strategic change in the war against Iran.”

President Trump also alluded in his remarks at the ceremony to the fact that there are other countries about to make peace with Israel, but the Mossad leader, who played a crucial role in the negotiations with the UAE and Bahrain, reiterated the president’s optimism.

Political commentators have suggested that Saudia Arabia may even reach a peace deal with Israel prior to the American elections as it wishes to help President Trump’s reelection since his rival, Joe Biden, has stated on a number of occasions that he would reinstate the nuclear agreement with Iran, an agreement which threatens the security and stability of Saudia and other Gulf nations.