The Maryland State Board of Elections is warning voters about bad information from the U.S. Postal Service.

USPS officials notified state election officials last week about postcards it was sending regarding mail-in voting. Maryland officials first learned of the postcards on Friday, after they had been sent.

Portions of the postcard don't line up with Maryland guidelines. The postcard suggests voters can wait until 15 days before Election Day to request a mail-in ballot. In fact, election officials say, mail-in ballot requests must be received by voters' local boards of elections no later than Oct. 15. They should be mailed no later than Oct. 15.

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“If you request a ballot by mail, plan to mail your ballot application by October 15 to ensure that it will be delivered by October 20. There is no need to wait. Submit your application for a mail-in ballot at your earliest convenience,” Maryland State Board of Elections said Monday.

No postage is needed to return a ballot received by mail. If you choose to have your ballot emailed to you, you will need to print your ballot and pay the postage to mail it. You may also return it to a drop box in your jurisdiction. Read more at WBAL