The Ohio governor’s positive, then negative, tests for COVID-19 have provided fuel for skeptics of government pandemic mandates and critics of his often-aggressive policies.

“I’m sure the internet is lighting up with ‘Well, you can’t believe any test,’ ” Mike DeWine said in a WCOL radio interview Friday, after a whirlwind of events the day before when the initial positive showing forced the Republican to scrub a planned meeting with President Donald Trump. And on Sunday, he told CNN’s “State of the Union” that “people should not take away from my experience that testing is not reliable or doesn’t work.”

DeWine added that state officials will have to be “very careful” about expanding quick antigen testing. He received a positive antigen test result and then two negative PCR diagnostic test results.“What we saw the other day is certainly if anyone needed a wakeup call with – about antigens, how careful you have to be, that was – we certainly saw that with my test. And we’re going to be very careful in how we use it,” he said.

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