Israel's current death toll as Thursday evening now stands at 497 total fatalities

Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem said Thursday that "due to the stabilization of the number of people hospitalized in severe or moderate condition, the second wave of coronavirus is apparently under control," the daily financial publication Globes reported. 

According to the latest figures released by Israel's Health Ministry, 1,967 new cases were identified on Thursday, with at least 328 people are in serious condition and 102 are on artificial respirators.

The team of researchers, which includes Faculty of Medicine Professor Ronit Calderon and Professor Yinon Ashkenazy, from the Racah Institute of Physics, announced that the rate of patients in severe and moderate conditions will likely double every 27 days.

The new data suggests that severe morbidity is decreasing because the virus reproduction rate (R) is now less than 1, which also means that the number of cases is also falling. Read more at i24