The last state to adopt anti-BDS legislation was Oklahoma in May

The governor of Missouri signed an anti-BDS law prohibiting this state to do business with companies that boycott Israel, Israel Hayom reported on Tuesday.

The passage of the law marks the 32nd state to adopt measures of some form against the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement.

The bill in Missouri's state legislature was passed last April, with 95 votes for and 40 against. It was later ratified by Missouri's upper legislative chamber in May, with a single dissenting vote out of 29. 

The text explicitly prohibits Missouri and state entities from signing contracts of more than $100,000  with companies of 10 or more employees who are engaged in the BDS movement against the Jewish state. 

“This law is about trade, not politics, and it has the potential to create jobs and economic growth for Missourians, Palestinians, and Israelis,” said American Jewish Committee (AJC) St. Louis Director Nancy Lisker in a press release. 

“We are grateful for the leadership of Governor Parson and for the dogged determination of its lead sponsors, Senator Dr. Bob Onder and Representative Holly Rehder, for championing this important legislation.” Read more at i24