Jerusalem, Israel - July 14, 2020 - Frimet and I are today announcing a breakthrough in our efforts to see the mastermind of the August 9, 2001 Sbarro pizzeria massacre, the savage killer of our beloved daughter Malki הי"ד, brought to justice.

Via this media release, we report that 18 leading American Jewish organizations have come out in support of our goal. (Other organizations, as well as individuals, have given us generous active help in this long-running effort. We are hugely grateful to them and will acknowledge their role publicly soon.)

Ahlam Tamimi, the unrepentant Jordanian woman and Hamas agent who was convicted in Israel for her role in choosing the central Jerusalem pizzeria as the target for the massive bombing attack that killed 15, injured and maimed about 130, faces charges in the United States under a Federal law aimed at terrorists who kill Americans outside the territory of the US.

The US Department of Justice told us in a March 2017 meeting that long-awaited charges against the woman were being announced in Washington DC that day, and that she was being immediately added to the FBI Most Wanted Terrorists list.

Much has happened - and much has frustratingly not happened - in the 40 months since then. David Horovitz recently wrote an extraordinary account of this in the Times of Israel: "Failed by Israel, Malki Roth’s parents hope US can extradite her gloating killer". I urge you to read it to get a sense of what this struggle is about.

With the approach in less than a month of the 19th anniversary of the Sbarro massacre, we expect to have at least two more positive announcements to make.

Good wishes
Arnold Roth